Retrieve KYC information from your customers

More time building your relationships, less time validating

Improve conversion rates
Stay compliant
No hassle and no GDPR issues

Reuse KYC information for seamless customer experience

With our Swipe identity app, your clients store their personal data in our app and reuse it in one swipe.

Centralized data storage with one single source of truth
Automated ongoing due diligence (ODD)
Compliance in a single swipe

Full data transparency for consumers and businesses

Users know:

What data they have shared
With whom they have shared it
For how long it is stored

Full data transparency

Users know:

What data they have shared
With whom they have shared it
For how long it is stored

for consumers and

for businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data stored

The personal data is fully encrypted and stored in so-called Tier 4 on-premise servers.

Read more about our data security practices here

Can the user remove their data?

The user can revoke access to their personal data anytime and has a full overview in the app of what data they have shared, with whom they have shared it, and for how long it is stored.

The user is in some cases not able to revoke access to their data since all financial institutions that are subject to AML regulations are required to store a copy of your data for up to 5 years.

How are you different from the traditional KYC providers?

Current KYC solutions are in a volume game that charges per verification. Instead, we store the information and re-use its validations.

Current solutions improve their onboarding flows marginally - we’re completely rethinking how KYC is done with our Swipe identity wallet.

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Well-documented APIs for developers

Even the best APIs will give your developers a headache if they are not carefully documented.
We will provide you with the state of the art documentation with tools like OpenAPI 3.0, examples of how to use it and a way to test them without any risk.

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