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Getting the personal data you need through a seamless user-experience

Your customers can share their personal data through our ComplyPass wallet app and store the data for re-use

Ensure timely and efficient personal data collection

No hassle and no GDPR issues.

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The simplest tool to manage customer data

1. Create an account

Sign up to the platform to request personal data and ID documents

2. Submit data inquiry

Send a data request via SMS, email or QR-code to your customer so they can easily and securely upload personal data and ID documents.

3. Full overview

A simple process for requesting and managing customer data. Get a full overview of all the data request you have sent to your customers

Let us help you with regulatory requirements and user experience

We as experts can do thorough diagnostics on your onboarding, KYC and compliance processes to advise for improvement in a cost effective manner using a fully digital solution.

We can dive into data, look at how it is stored, the use cases, whether you collect the right amount of data, the frequency and method of collection as well as assessing how it is continuously updated

How it works

Many businesses need on-the-fly access to a verified identity document and personal data from their customers.

This could be when signing a leasing agreement for a car, applying for credit products or buying an apartment.

We provide a user-friendly and secure admin interface from where you can request information from your customers.

No hassle and no GDPR issues

Icon showing an person's ID card.
1. Request personal data

Request personal information like a passport from your customers in the admin panel

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2. Customer shares personal data

Customer can easily and securely upload e.g. their passport

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3. You receive the requested personal data

You receive the document in the KYC on-demand admin panel or through APIs

Connect you apps and work efficiently

Centralize your data and seamlessly connect your existing tools and CRM-systems

Frequently asked questions

Is Complyteq secure?

ComplyTeq protects your data using Security In Depth. All internal and external traffic is end-to-end encrypted using TLS and Mutual TLS. Network policies ensures that only trusted processes can access services. You can read more about our security here.

How is the data stored?

Access to databases is restricted using short-lived dynamic credentials, that prevents an attacker from accessing data using a stolen credential. Each user of the system has unique, system-managed, encryption keys that are routinely rotated. Data is routinely backed up, and we test our ability to restore from backup once every quarter. You can read more how we store our data here.

What data can I request?

You can request personal data like full name, phone number, address, PEP-status, and AML-checks.
You can also request identification documents such as passports, ID-cards, drivers licenses.
Depending on your needs, you can request answers to specific questions such as "Are you a US citizen?" or request specific documents such as "Proof-of-address", etc.