One place for all your personal data

ComplyTeq rethinks the process of gathering personal data by storing it in our Wallet. This means consumers won’t be bothered by the same data requests over and over, and as a company you can request all the data needed from one place with one swipe.

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What problem are we solving?

As a consumer, you’re constantly being asked for the same information over and over - both from your bank, insurer, lawyer, leasing company etc. If you’re high-net-worth individual this is an even more rigid process, which is not only annoying and time consuming, but in fact hurting customer relationships with these businesses.

Furthermore, no consumer today has a clue about what data they have shared with which businesses, when they shared it, for what purpose, and for how long the businesses are allowed to keep their data. In other words, despite this being their most sensitive data they have no transparency whatsoever.

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ComplyTeq App Screen
Swipe wallet

Imagine no longer having to submit the same personal information over and over

If you have multiple banking relationships, accountants, lawyers, real estate/startup investments, board of director memberships, or leasing agreements, then you have been asked to submit your personal information numerous times. You have likely been asked to submit your passport, verify you address and submit documents on UBO's, ownership structures, and documents that prove your source of wealth, income and funds.

When you download the Swipe wallet, you can store all of your personal information in one place and share it with your bank, law firm, or leasing company, etc. - all in a single swipe.

Upload and store

Save your personal information and store in the Swipe wallet


Whether you change passport or address - simply update it in the wallet, and all the organizations you are a customer of will be notified and updated

Swipe and re-use

Share and re-use your personal information and ID across multiple organizations and industries

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Share your personal data

If the organization only needs your full name and address, you can share just that

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Share your identity documents

Securely share your passport or drivers license with organizations who need access to your information

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You are in control of your data

On your terms, you decide what personal data your share and who you share it with.
Revoke access anytime

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No more manual updates

If your passport is updated in your wallet, it is updated everywhere

Safe and secure sharing of personal data

Only onboard once, store your personal information securely and share it with your bank, law firm, or leasing company

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Swipe wallet

Submit personal information in a single swipe

Store your passport and documents that verify your address, UBO's, ownership structures, and documents that prove your source of wealth, income and funds.

Share all of this data in a single swipe every time you need to open a bank account, lease a car, apply for credit products, or need to work with a new lawyer or accountant.

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