Security and legal compliance


ComplyTeq protects your data using Security In Depth. All internal and external traffic is end-to-end encrypted using TLS and Mutual TLS. Network policies ensures that only trusted processes can access services. 

Data storage

Access to databases is restricted using short-lived dynamic credentials, that prevents an attacker from accessing data using a stolen credential. Each user of the system has unique, system-managed, encryption keys that are routinely rotated. Data is routinely backed up, and we test our ability to restore from backup once every quarter.

Resiliency and availability

ComplyTeq is built using Infrastructure as Code which means that in the event of a disaster, we can easily spin up identical production environment and restore our backups in a clean environment. We test our recovery capability by doing frequent disaster recovery role plays.


We give you fine-grained control over who has access to what piece of data. Unique encryption keys ensure that even in the event of data leakage, nobody can read your data. You have a clear view of who has access to what, and can easily revoke access.