Swipe wallet

Secure identity storage in a wallet for seamless onboarding and data requests

Allow customers to onboard using our Swipe wallet, where they can store and re-use their information and identity across organisations. You can also securely request identity documents and personal info through the wallet

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Swipe wallet

Customers can sign-up to our Swipe wallet, store their information and re-use in other onboardings

Only onboard once, store customer information securely and the customers can then onboard other products simply by using wallet login.

By adding wallet onboarding to your product, you can simplify the user experience for your customer.

Swipe wallet

How does the Swipe wallet work?

Connect your wallet to organizations that need access your personal data on exactly your terms and manage your data and access right on-the-fly.

This could be when signing a leasing agreement for a car, applying for credit products or buying an apartment.

No hassle and no GDPR issues.

Upload and store

Customers can save information from  onboarding flows or create a wallet from scratch uploading your information

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Whether you change passport, address, or other personal data, you can update in the wallet, and all your connections will be updated

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Share and re-use your personal information and ID across multiple organizations and industries

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Share your personal data

If the organization only needs your full name and address, you can share just that

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You are in control of your data

On your terms, you decide what personal data your share and who you share it with.
Revoke access anytime.

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Share your identity documents

Share your passport, drivers license or national ID card with organizations who need access to just that

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No more manual updates

If your passport is updated in your wallet, it is updated everywhere.

Swipe wallet

Leverage the Swipe wallet to increase your customer base

The wallet makes it easy to provide identification when for instance leasing agreement for a car, applying for credit products or buying an apartment.

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